City of Pasadena

Pasadena Water and Power  (“PWP”) has been providing utility services since 1906. Its current service territory spans approximately 23 square miles and includes over 67,000 electric and 38,000 water accounts. For over twenty years PWP has periodically prepared strategic resource plans to set forth renewable resource and energy efficiency targets. In Fiscal Year 2009, the City Council approved an Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”) to establish broad objectives and overall direction with respect to PWP’s power supply resource portfolio.  Since implementation of the IRP, PWP has recognized a reduction of 24 percent in annual retail electric energy sales, renewable resources have reached approximately 40 percent of retail sales, and PWP’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions have declined 57 percent from 1990 levels. PWP’s assertive energy efficiency programs have substantially contributed to the net reduction in retail electricity use, with annual savings of 11,787 MWh per year.

PWP is projecting to provide nearly 40 percent of retail electricity sales with RPS-eligible renewable resources by the end of Calendar Year 2021. PWP’s 2018 IRP, which complies with both Senate Bill 350 and Senate Bill 100 policy goals, focuses on meeting targets through practical investments that manage financial impacts to ratepayers, and features a mix of short and long-term resources that will be evaluated annually to ensure that they continue to meet Pasadena’s specific needs. PWP will also continue to focus on expanding the Pasadena Electric Vehicle market in the City to support GHG reduction goals and increase utility revenues. PWP offers incentives to customers who drive plug-in electric vehicles and install charging stations at their homes and businesses. PWP is also significantly expanding the availability of public charging infrastructure by installing chargers at public parking structures throughout the city. In partnership with Tesla, Inc., PWP completed the installation of 20 DC Fast Chargers and 24 Tesla Superchargers at the Marengo Charging Plaza in 2020. PWP also completed the expansion of level 2 chargers at the Holly Street garage to include 25 public chargers and 27 City fleet chargers.  PWP has six new public charging station projects planned, which is estimated to provide an additional 35 DC fast chargers and 84 level 2 chargers to the existing city infrastructure, once completed.

Customers - Retail67,560*
Power Generated and Purchased (in MWh)
Total Revenues (000s)$222,681*
Operating Costs (000s)$189,335*
Preliminary & Unaudited Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2021 Information