City of Cerritos

The City of Cerritos  became a member of SCPPA in 2003. Since 2005, the City of Cerritos has been serving the electrical demands of the City’s business community. Over the years, the City’s customer base has steadily increased and the utility currently serves 443 accounts. The utility serves educational institutions, City-owned facilities and major retail businesses in the City with the primary goal of providing an economical and reliable supply of electricity. Cerritos Electric Utility (CEU) continues to receive power primarily from the Magnolia Power Plant. However, starting in October of 2017, CEU received a small allocation of hydroelectric power from the Western Area Power Administration, generated from the Boulder Canyon Power project.

Customers - Retail443*
Power Generated and Purchased (in MWh)
Total Revenues (000s)$5,600*
Operating Costs (000s)$5,670
Preliminary & Unaudited Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2021 Information