City of Burbank

Established in 1913, Burbank Water and Power (BWP)  is a community owned utility which primarily provides electric and water services to the residents and businesses of Burbank, CA. Within the City’s 17 square miles, BWP provides over 100,000 residents, and almost as many additional people during business hours, with excellent utility services. BWP is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable utility services to Burbank; and these three key principles are what BWP focuses on to deliver value to Burbank residents and businesses. BWP’s power availability rate for Fiscal Year 2020-21 was 99.999%; and the average Burbank customer could expect to experience only one electric service outage of just 5.75 minutes every 3.8 years. BWP’s average electric rates are lower than the California investor-owned utilities and amongst the lowest in the region.

In the fiscal year ending June 2021, BWP met 41% of its energy demand with renewable resources. BWP offers other valuable services to Burbank, including fiber optic services to businesses, free citywide wireless broadband service, and public access to dozens of electric vehicle charging stations. BWP is also the operator of SCPPA’s Magnolia Power Project (MPP). MPP is a large, clean, highly efficient power plant that utilizes combined-cycle electric generation technology. MPP improves regional electric reliability by reducing dependence on long-distance transmission lines.

Customers - Retail

Power Generated and Purchased (in MWh)
Total Revenues (000s)$199,462
Operating Costs (000s)$195,489
Preliminary & Unaudited Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2021 Information