Magnolia Power Project

Year Built: 2005      Peak Plant Capacity: 310 MW     Generation Type: Natural Gas Combined Cycle

SCPPA Participants: Anaheim, Burbank, Cerritos, Colton, Glendale, Pasadena

History of the Plant

Burbank Water & Power began generating power on site in the 1940s. Beginning construction on the current Magnolia Power Plant, two decommissioned plants, Magnolia Units 1 and 2, were removed from the site. Once cleared, a combustion turbine-generator, heat recovery steam-generator and exhaust stack were installed over a 30-month period. These updates make Magnolia twice as efficient and the plant produces 90% fewer emissions than the old units.

What Makes Magnolia Unique

Magnolia is located inside of the residential city of Burbank, California. Residing on the same premises as Burbank Water & Power, this power plant is adjacent to Magnolia Boulevard and utilizes four acres of the 23-acre lot. 

Magnolia is recognized for being a clean, high-efficiency combined-cycle unit as it utilizes state-of-the art combined-cycle electric generation technology. The facility includes a combustion turbine generator, heat recovery steam-generator, steam turbine generator, cooling towers, a zero-liquid discharge system and the control and services building stack. The Magnolia Power Project operation improves regional electric reliability since it dramatically increases the amount of local generation which is not dependent on long-distance, interstate transmission lines. 

In 2005, Magnolia won Power Magazine's "Project of the Year" award. 

SCPPA Participation

Magnolia Power Plant is the first project that is wholly owned by SCPPA and entitlements to 100% of the capacity and energy of the Project have been sold to the six participating members. The City of Burbank managed the construction and serves as the operating agent for Magnolia.