Landfill Gas Energy

SCPPA's Landfill Gas Project


How Landfill Gas to Generated Energy Works

As trash within a landfill decomposes, it lets off biogas. The biogas emitted from landfills is considered a greenhouse gas which the government has set stringent requirements on how much can be let into the atmosphere as it can be harmful to the environment and humans if a certain threshold is crossed. As a result, the methane gasses must be collected from the landfill site. This gas can either be (a) burned off, (b) treated and sold or (c) used for generating energy.

Biogas that is released from landfills is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide containing water and other trace impurities. Methane is a flammable substance and is the main component to natural gas, which is used to heat homes or create energy through power projects (i.e. SCPPA's Magnolia, Canyon or Apex Power Projects). To generate energy, the biogas is piped to an internal combustion engine or turbine generator which delivers to the electric distribution system.

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