What is SCPPA?

Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), with headquarters in Glendora, California, is a joint powers agency comprised of eleven municipal utilities and one irrigation district. SCPPA's members consist of the municipal utilities of Anaheim, Azusa, Banning, Burbank, Cerritos, Colton, Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Riverside, Vernon and the Imperial Irrigation District. Together they deliver electricity to over 2 million customers in the Southern California basin, spanning an area of 7,000 square miles, and with a total population that exceeds 5 million.

Formed in 1980, SCPPA was created for the purpose of providing joint financing, construction and operation of transmission and generation projects. Today, SCPPA fulfills a broad range of services for its members by providing effective forums of collaboration through committees such as: Customer Service, Finance, Public Benefits, Resource Planning, Transmission and Distribution, Engineering and Operations, Natural Gas, and Renewable Energy Resources. 

In order to Support its primary purpose, SCPPA is also involved in legislative advocacy, contracting for support services, information sharing, training and regulatory monitoring on behalf of its members. 

SCPPA members are leading the charge for new energy solutions. Each publicly-owned utility invests in a portfolio of traditional and renewable energy generation and efficiency projects to best meet the unique needs of the diverse communities they serve. Matching the reliability of traditional energy supplies with cost-competitive renewable options, public utilities ensure that even the most disadvantaged communities receive clean energy supplies at affordable rates.

SCPPA’s 12 Publicly Owned Utilities Are:
• Not-for-profit
• Locally-governed
• Accountable to communities
• Achieving and exceeding state renewable goals
• More affordable than invester-owned, for-profit utilities
• Achieving conservation and energy efficiency savings
• Committed to serving customers’ long-term needs

SCPPA currently has more than thirty-seven projects and transmission projects in operation, generating and bringing power from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. In addition, SCPPA owns natural gas reserves in Wyoming and Texas.

SCPPA projects have been financed through the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds, backed by the combined credit of the SCPPA members participating in each project.