TRAINING: Building Strategy Maps and Scorecards in Utilities

1 1/2 - Day Course 

January 31st - February 1st

Company: EUCI

Course Info: The utility industry is facing dramatic changes over the coming years—from renewables reaching grid parity to proliferation of distributed energy resources and rising competition from non-utility service providers—and for many utilities, their current business models and strategies are ill-equipped to deal with these challenges. If utilities want to survive and thrive in the coming energy future, they will need to become more customer-centric and innovative in their strategies, and find better ways of communicating and managing strategy so everyone in the organization understands their role in its execution. 

The Balanced Scorecard strategy execution system is a proven approach that helps executives drive strategic change in their organizations by connecting the dots between high-level strategy and what people do every day. This one-and-a-half day “how-to” training course will show utility executives how to build a strategy map and that clarifies and communicates their organization’s strategy, and how to translate that strategy map into a Balanced Scorecard of measures, targets and initiatives to make strategy everyone’s job. The BSC approach has achieved excellent results in complex organizations like utilities that need to balance the interests of many diverse stakeholders, and can be applied to IOUs as well as cooperatives and municipal utilities.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define Balanced Scorecard concepts and processes within the Strategy Execution Program
  2. Create a Strategy Map that clarifies and communicates your utility’s strategic destination, strategic themes, and linked objectives
  3. Translate your Strategy Map into a prototype Balanced Scorecard comprised of measures, targets and initiatives
  4. Accelerate the adoption and application of the BSC framework in your organization via case studies of other utilities successfully using this approach
  5. Develop an implementation plan that addresses accountability (roles & responsibilities), reporting and strategy review meetings
  6. Build an office of strategy management to monitor and manage the strategy execution process

Registration: Please contact Arpi Lepedzhyan if you would like to register for this course