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David X. Kolk
Director of Utility Services

The largest municipally owned electric utility in San Bernardino County, Colton Electric Utility has been providing service to the City of Colton for over 100 years. The Board of Trustees of the City of Colton passed an ordinance in 1895 with the intent to acquire, construct, own, operate, and maintain an electric system to supply light, power, and heat to the city. By 1897, 1,140 domestic lights, 30 incandescent street lights, and 11 arc lights had been installed. Today, Colton serves a population of over 50,000 and are looking to the future by securing a diverse portfolio of energy consisting of wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro resources. Our employees are proud to continue the tradition of providing reliable service through efficient and economical operations and a strong relationship with our customers.