San Juan Unit 3 Power Project

Year Built: 1979      Peak Plant Capacity: 1,646 MW     Unit 3 Capacity: 497 MW      Generation Type: Coal

SCPPA Participants: Azusa,  Banning,  Colton,  Glendale,  IID

SCPPA Participation

Five SCPPA participants own 41.8% of Unit 3 at the San Juan Generating Station (approximately 207.75 MW), a coalfired plant in New Mexico. A series of Interim Invoicing Agreements for fuel has led to high capacity factors and lower per unit fuel costs. An underground coal mine that resides on site has an exclusive relationship to provide coal for the plant. 

Future Plans

In 2015, the SCPPA Board of Directors voted to exit from San Juan Unit 3, which will significantly reduce the amount of coal generation in the SCPPA Participants' project portfolios. Exiting San Juan Unit 3 will eliminate coal from SCPPA's combined portfolio. Unit 3 will close permanently on December 31, 2017.