Finance Committee Meeting Notice

Meetings are held the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Next page update scheduled 03-01-2018.

Finance Committee

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, as the Executive Director of the Southern California Public Power Authority; that a regular meeting of the Finance Committee is to be held as follows:

Monday, February 5, 2018

10:30 a.m.

SCPPA Glendora Office
1160 Nicole Court   |   Glendora, CA 91740

Dial-In: (909) 293-7399   |   Participant Code: 6540490

This Meeting will also be conducted by teleconference from:

Imperial Irrigation District  |  333 E. Barioni Blvd. El Centro, CA 92243  |  (760) 482-3437

The following matters are the business to be transacted and considered by the Committee:

1.  Opportunity for the Public to Address the Committee
Members of the public may address the Committee at this time on any agenda item of general interest, provided that item is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Committee. Comments from the public shall be limited to three (3) minutes unless additional time is approved by the Committee.

2.  Meeting Minutes
The Committee will consider adoption of the minutes for the January 8, 2018 Finance Committee meeting.

3.  Investment Reports
The Committee will review the monthly lnvestment Report for the month ended December 31,2017 and the quarterly lnvestment Report for the quarter ended December 31,2017. The Committee will recommend forwarding the Reports to the Board for receipt and filing.

4.  Financial Statements
The Committee will review the Financial Statements for the quarter ended September 30, 2017, The Committee will recommend forwarding the Financial Statements to the Board for receipt and filing.

5.  Project Budget Comparison Reports
The Committee will review the Project Budget Comparison Reports for the period ended September 30, 2017. The Committee will recommend forwarding the reports to the Board for receipt and filing.

6.  Finance Committee Governance
The Committee will discuss the governance structure of the Finance Committee and if any change would be warranted for the Board to consider taking future action.

7.  IOU Rate Forecast Scope of Work
The Committee will review the Scope of Work provided by Michael Bell Management Consulting for completing a Rate Forecast that includes SCE and SDG&E.

8.  Canyon Power Project Refunding Revenue Bonds RFP
The Committee will consider the responses to the Underwriting Services RFP for refunding The 2017 Series A Canyon Power Project bonds. The Committee may recommend the Board approve going forward with a financing.

9.  Market and VRDO Update
The Committee will receive a market and VRDO status report from PFM.

10.  Unsolicited Proposals
The Committee will review unsolicited proposals that have been received from investment bankers. The Committee may take action with respect to such proposals.

10.  Future Agenda Topics
The Committee members will be given the opportunity to suggest topics for future Committee meetings.

The Authority upon request will provide reasonable accommodation to the disabled to ensure equal access to its meetings. To ensure availability, such request should be made 48 hours in advance by contacting the Authority at (626) 793-9364 during business hours.