Ormat Heber South and Gould 2

Year Built: 2006      Peak Plant Capacity: 17 MW Gross / 14 MW Net     Generation Type: Geothermal

SCPPA Participants: Anaheim,  Banning,  Glendale,  Pasadena

SCPPA Participation

SCPPA entered into 25 year term power purchase agreements in December 2005 with divisions of Ormat Technologies, Inc. for up to 20 MW of electric generation. In 2008 the agreements were amended to allow for excess capacity. The city of Anaheim acts as the scheduling coordinator on behalf of the project participants. All four participants take energy from Heber South; Banning is the only off-taker for Gould 2. Both geothermal facilities are located in Heber, California near the border to Mexico.

Quarterly Update (October 2016)

The facility ran well through the second quarter of 2016. Two production wells were out of service for a few days in April which reduced generation at the plant. Besides, minimal shut downs for repairs, the rest of the period was normal operation with good availability at 99%.