Don A Campbell II

Year Built: 2015      Peak Plant Capacity: 25MW Gross / 16.2 MW Net    Generation Type: Geothermal

SCPPA Participants:  LADWP

SCPPA Participation

SCPPA entered into a power purchase agreement with Ormat Nevada, Inc. to purchase renewable geothermal energy from the Don A. Campbell II facility for a 20-year term. Located in Mineral County, Nevada, this project is adjacent to the Don A Campbell I Plant. 

About DAC II Generation

The facility is an identical replica of the Don A Campbell I plant. The facility consists of one Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generating unit with a nameplate capacity of 25 MW. The ORC unit contains a high-pressure and an intermediate-pressure system. Each high-pressure unit also contains a recuperator, which scavenges additional heat from condensate exiting the air-cooled condenser. The high-pressure and intermediate-pressure organic vapor turbines for the ORC unit are connected in tandem to a common, 25 MW generator. Heat input to the ORC unit comes from geothermal wells drilled at the project site. Heat is rejected to atmosphere through multiple air-cooled condensers. The net electrical production of the facility is fed into a step-up transformer and from there flows though a generator tie-line into Nevada Energy's transmission system.