APPA In-House Training Catalog

SCPPA is continuously working to improve the services we offer to our Members and to make them more accessible and affordable. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer our Members In-House Training courses from the APPA Training Brochure to facilitate Member training needs. The American Public Power Association's Academy offers a variety of in-depth education courses to address the unique needs of public power utilities. If you would like to bring an APPA course to SCPPA Training, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Training Coordinator at

Non-SCPPA Member Disclaimer: SCPPA has received numerous requests from non-member agencies, both governmental and private to participate in the SCPPA hosted trainings. All Non-SCPPA governmental and private utility members are welcome to register, however SCPPA Members will be given registration priority. All registrations are submitted as pending, and are not confirmed to attend until a confirmation email from the Training Coordinator has been sent to the registrant. All Non-Member registration fees will be charged according to the Non-Member Participant Training Fee Policy