TRAINING: System Protection for Operators

3 - Day Course 

August 28th - August 20th

Company: Grid Training Solutions

Course Info: This class was designed by an operator, for operators. We spend three days on System Protection, starting with a discussion on the basic theory of protection, followed by explanation of the relays used to achieve basic protection, then use simulation to show what happens when protection works and what operators need to do after a relay event.

The lectures include how the most common relays work, what the relays are designed to operate for, and what elements are protected by which relays. Using simulators, students work on relay exercises that challenge the operator to troubleshoot and determine the cause of a relay action. Exercises will simulate faults on transmission lines, transformers, buses, generators and other trouble items that will assist the operator in trouble shooting. Students will utilize realistic target information an operator may receive from the field, and implement a course of action to bring the system back within limits. This class is designed to improve an operators critical thinking skills when it comes to responding to relay actions that occur on the system.

Registration: Please contact Arpi Lepedzhyan if you would like to register for this course.