TRAINING: Electric Utility Contracts for Non-lawyers; In-Depth PPA Review

2 - Day Course 

March 12th - March 13th

Company: Holland & Hart

Course Info:

Day 1 - This portion of the course is designed for non-lawyers (or junior lawyers, or lawyers who are new to working on projects) who want to become more familiar with basic legal terminology and concepts, and to develop tools for reading, understanding, and working with legal contracts.   We will focus on common drafting flaws and errors, the perils of ignoring “boilerplate” language, and the importance of communicating effectively among lawyers, business teams, and engineers.  We will review redlines to discuss how and why documents are revised in negotiations.  Attendees will have the opportunity to read sample agreement provisions, identify drafting flaws, and discuss ways to address and resolve those issues to provide participants with a better understanding of the intricacies involved with the drafting the various terms and conditions, as well as to demystify some of the “legalese.”

Day 2 - This portion of the course will focus on power purchase agreements.  We will review key concepts and points of negotiation, such as: Sale and Purchase Obligations; Point of Delivery; Mechanics of COD; Development and completion Risk; Curtailment; Change in Law; Excusable Delay/Force Majeure; Delay Damages; Security; Dispute Resolution; Defaults, Cure, Remedies; Special Purpose Entity protections

Registration: Please contact Arpi Lepedzhyan if you would like to register for this course.